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Indian Army Revives Light BP Vehicle Need
By SP's Special Correspondent

Photo Credit: SP Guide Pubns

October 12, 2015: After a series of stops and starts, the Army has got its requirement for light bullet-proof vehicles going again and is hoping it leads to a definite procurement this time. While the Army has never specifically mentioned numbers, it is understood to be around 100-120 vehicles as part of a final order. The vehicle will be used for move of small parties with battle loads in a counter insurgency operational area. The vehicle must offer protection against small arms fire (NIJ protection level III on all sides or better) and enable aforementioned detachment to move and operate effectively and safely allowing effective use of weapons while on the move. The LBPV must be a robust vehicle able to withstand rough usage and be able to operate on un-metalled roads. In the operational scenario in J&K and the North East (especially Assam, Manipur and Nagaland) close to the Myanmar border, the Army is looking to procure these vehicles quickly. The vehicles will principally be for fast pursuit and storming operations, the requirement for which has been highly felt in post-encounter operations especially in near built-up areas. The Army has also stressed on ease of maintenance, as it tries to overhaul its entire after-sale philosophy for high-utility vehicles in operational areas.



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