BEL receives 12 Green Channel Certificates for 41 products

April 5, 2021 Photo(s): By BEL
Lt Gen R K Malhotra, DG DGQA, presenting to Mr Jagadish Chand, GM (Radar)/BEL-Ghaziabad, the Green Channel Certificate for Ghaziabad Unit for supply of Reporter and Bharani Radars and Spares.

It was a moment of pride for Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) when a year back it received the Directorate General Quality Assurance (DGQA)ís Green Channel Status certificate for supply of Spares for Flycatcher Radar, manufactured at its Military Radar Strategic Business Unit (SBU) in Bangalore. It was the first time any organisation in India was issued this coveted certificate, ever since the Green Channel Policy was formulated.

Today, the Navratna Defence PSU has received 12 Green Channel Certificates for a total of 41 products manufactured at 10 SBUs/Units: Ghaziabad Unit and Military Radar SBU for Radars, Naval Systems I and Naval Systems II SBUs for Naval products, Military Communications SBU and Panchkula Unit for Communication equipment, Machilipatnam Unit for Opto Electronic products, Navi Mumbai Unit for spares for Mast, Pune Unit for batteries for communication equipment, and Chennai Unit for gun upgrade.

Lt Gen R K Malhotra, DG DGQA, presenting to Mr Ramakrishnan L, GM (MR)/BEL-Bangalore, the Green Channel Certificate for Military Radar SBU of BEL-Bangalore for supply of Weapon Locating Radar, Battle Field Surveillance Radar (Medium Range / Short Range) and Schilka Weapon System Upgrade.

The Ministry of Defence promulgated the Green Channel Policy for promoting ease of doing business as part of its ĎMake in Indiaí initiatives. A mechanism has been set up to award Green Channel Status to firms with pre-defined financial and quality credentials for broad categories of items having continuous requirement in the Defence Forces. Responsibility of inspection of goods is given to the firms, after their credentials are verified by the Green Channel Committee (GCC), comprising of various stakeholders from DGQA and the procurement ecosystem.

Green Channel Status is the authority given by the Purchaser to the Manufacturer to formally certify its products or stores on behalf of the purchaser or any other authority designated by him, after having verified the Firmís infrastructure, quality policies and practices to produce and supply goods of specified quality. The Purchaserís confidence in the Firmís Quality Assurance is the central tenet in awarding of Green Channel Status.

Lt Gen R K Malhotra, DG DGQA, presenting to Mr G L Pedro, GM (BEL-Chennai), the Green Channel Certificate for Chennai Unit for supply of L-70 Gun Upgrade and BMP Mk II equipment.