CH-53K King Stallion achieves Milestone C

Issue No. 7-8 | April 1-30, 2017Photo(s): By Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin recently announced the CH-53K King Stallion programme successfully passed its Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) review and achieved a Milestone C decision that enables low rate initial production funding. “This affirmative Milestone C decision validates the maturity and the robust capability of the King Stallion in meeting the United States Marine Corps mission requirements,” said Dr. Michael Torok, Sikorsky Vice President, CH-53K Programs.

“This establishes the CH-53K as a production programme and marks another critical step towards our goal of delivering this tremendous capability to the USMC.”

Numerous, successfully completed prerequisites preceded the Milestone C decision. Supplier as well as prime contractor Production Readiness Reviews took place throughout 2016 to establish the programme’s readiness to move into low rate initial production. Aircraft maturity was established well in advance with over 400 flight hours achieved, and the October 2016 initial Operational Assessment by the USMC fully established the ability of the King Stallion to achieve critical mission flight and ground scenarios in the hands of active duty Marines.