Man creates ruckus on Jet Airways Delhi-Mumbai flight

Issue No. 3 | February 1-15, 2017

A mentally unstable man was detained after he created a ruckus inside a Delhi-Mumbai Jet Airways flight recently. The flight, 9W332, left Delhi in the morning but an hour later, the man, visibly in his 30s, started shouting and creating a scene. A witness said the man was shouting in English: “There is a surprise waiting for you, it will pop on to your iPads from Washington. They don’t have control over the plane anymore, I have taken over.”

He soon pulled down the curtains, threw trays of food on people and furiously walked around. Finally, he was overpowered by fellow passengers. He was then confined to the tail of the aircraft. Passengers said the man was the first to be taken off the plane when it landed at Mumbai.

The cabin crew and pilots assembled to control this act and after seeking some medical help, he was taken to the tail of the plane and reboarded first on reaching Mumbai. Later it was learnt that he appeared to be mentally disturbed. His father intimated that perhaps he had not taken medicine and so on getting apology, he was released, according to a CISF spokesperson.