One more White House trespasser

Issue No. 5 | March 1-15, 2017Photo(s): By Wikipedia

Federal attorneys have identified the person who allegedly jumped a White House fence recently and got so deep into the compound that he was seen hiding behind one of the mansion’s columns before being apprehended. The suspect has been identified as Jonathan Tuan Tran, 26, of Milpitas, California, according the US Attorney’s Office and court documents.

Tran purportedly entered the White House grounds at about 11:38 p.m. with a backpack and was approaching the building’s south portico residence entrance when apprehended. President Trump was inside the White House at the time and the next day he appreciated the Secret Service efforts. The Secret Service statement said the backpack contained no hazardous materials and that the unidentified suspect had no ‘previous history’ with the agency.