Eleven people walk through security at JFK airport

Issue No. 5 | March 1-15, 2017

The US Department of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) left a security lane unattended at JFK’s JetBlue Terminal recently which saw 11 people walking through without security frisk. However, three of them set off alarms. It took TSA agents about two hours to alert the Port Authority Police Department of the major breach, and by then, the unidentified passengers were nowhere to be sighted. The security lapse occurred at around 6 a.m., when TSA agents in Terminal 5 opened a screening lane without immediately assigning agents to staff it, according to sources. “The screening lane was unmanned, but passengers didn’t know, so they started going through it,” a source said. Three travellers set off alarms as they walked through the metal detector — but no one stopped them, the sources said.

When the agents realised what had happened, they grabbed images of the passengers from security footage and scoured the terminal for them.