Exicom Technologies part of Africa India joint exercise AFINDEX 2023

April 7, 2023 Photo(s): By Exicom Technologies

The second edition of the AFINDEX-2023 (Africa-India Field Training Exercise, was recently held at Foreign Training Node, Aundh, Pune. The joint exercise, with over 100 participants was focused on Humanitarian Mine Action and Peace Keeping Operations. The improvement of interoperability and operational readiness for UN peacekeeping missions depends on military engagement and cooperation among the participating member countries.

Exicom Technologies India was a part of the joint exercise conducted by the Indian Army on various tactical scenarios.

Exicom's radio technology was used to integrate various manned/unmanned entities like soldiers, drones, and UGVs on a centralised digital network.

Speaking about Exicom Technologies participation in the joint exercise, Mr. Raghav Agarwal stated that, " It was our honour to have gained Indian Army's trust over the years for them to let us be in charge of such a critical aspect of an operation that had the presence of both Indian and allied decision makers.

One of the most trusted names in wireless communication services, Exicom's solutions are renowned for extending reliable communications to Armed Forces, and entities in harshest of terrain and climate conditions for remotest of locations and. The impetus given by the Indian Government and policy of "Make in India" has motivated the company to continue to focus on R&D.