Israel Aerospace Industries Integrates Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management into CyScan

IAI and Ivanti to present CyScan integration and other cyber security solutions during Tel Aviv Cyber Week

Tel Aviv June 29, 2022 Photo(s): By IAI
Esti Peshin, GM of IAI-ELTA’s Cyber Division and Yossi Shtain, Senior Director Strategic Alliances during Cyber Week in Tel Aviv

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Ivanti are teaming to help customers proactively patch against active exploits. IAI has integrated Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management into CyScan, IAI’s proactive and automatic vulnerability monitor, enabling it to prioritize remediation based on adversarial risk. Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management will enhance IAI’s flagship platform’s scanning capabilities by providing threat-context for vulnerabilities via a single pane of glass, eliminating the need to jump between siloed patch management solutions. The partnership between IAI and Ivanti includes joint customer engagement and technical support worldwide.

As cyber attackers continually search for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to serve as entry points for attacks, proactively identifying and mapping such exposed points are key elements for cyber resilience. IAI-ELTA’s CyScan is an adaptive solution that combines flexibility, efficiency, and fast responsiveness of the scanning engines, and enables organizations to be alerted if any weakness exists in their networks before it is utilized by adversaries. On a national/state level, NSOC, CyScan enables Cyber authorities to monitor nationwide vulnerabilities and configuration discrepancies, and map the risks of all the organizations under their responsibility as part of the Cyber Situational Awareness.

CyScan produces a Risk Factor for each organization by identifying vulnerabilities and assessing the level of exploitability by potential attackers; it then simulates the attacker's view and detects vulnerabilities in IT and OT networks and systems that can be a result of misconfigurations (e.g. unpatched systems, outdated systems). It does so by utilizing a wide range of passive and proactive scans, and correlating the scans results to calculate the risk factor of each organization. All this is orchestrated as an automatic process, allowing continuous exposure monitoring and timely alerts.

CyScan is an open platform enabling the user to customize it and add new scanning tools to address specific threats by using the system API and SDK (software development kit). Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management is a state-of-the-art addition to CyScan, bolstering the platform with Ivanti’s market-leading patch assessment speed, capability for agent-based and agent-less patching and Ivanti’s extensive catalog of over 350 enterprise application supported on a daily basis.

“We are thrilled to partner with IAI to evolve the capabilities of CyScan with the risk-based vulnerability remediation available through Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management,” said Srinivas Mukkamala, Senior Vice President & GM Security Products at Ivanti. “We provide comprehensive contextualization to patch management, providing IT, security and operations teams valuable time savings in the war against cyber criminals, data breaches and ransomware. Ivanti offers a wide range of world-class cybersecurity and enterprise management solutions for our customers, and through our comprehensive OEM program we are able to provide these innovative solutions to our partners and together secure the future of work.”

Esti Peshin, GM of IAI-ELTA’s Cyber Division, said, “We are proud of integrating Ivanti’s state-of-the-art Patch Management System into our flagship platform CyScan, which provides the best national level vulnerability & risk monitor on the market. Partnering with an exceptional company like Ivanti allows us to have a wider reach and offer the crucial cyber security tool to more customers globally. By bringing together the brightest minds in the industry, we will continue developing cutting-edge cyber security solutions.”

With R&D and innovation centers across the globe, IAI develops unique capabilities for defense, monitoring, detection, forensics and training, which it supplies to national level customers facing cyber threats globally. IAI leads IC3, the Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium, which offers end-to-end solutions developed in Israel to national cyber organizations.