UAS Global Services adds new helicopter with gas engine/electric option and a 15lb payload in a 55lb platform to fleet

August 19, 2021 Texas, USA Photo(s): By UAS Global Services
Sicura EG-1100

UAS Global Services, a Texas based company, is pleased to announce the development, and launch of the Sicura EG-1100.

The Sicura EG-1100 provides class leading real world characteristics heavy lift, long endurance, single rotor helicopterbuilt on decades of UAV helicopter design, competition, and unmanned operation. The Sicura EG-1100 is the 3rd Generation of this internally designed platformto become a workhorse of the UAS Global Services fleet and now available to other clients.

Basic Specifications include;

  • MTOW 55 lbs
  • Endurance up to 3.5 hours - Gas
  • Endurance up to 1 hour - Electric
  • Payload capability 15 lbs
  • Cruise Speed 55 kts
  • 7ft diameterrotor disc
  • Take-off wind speed 25 kts

The EG-1100 is available in both electric and gas engine configurations. The new gas engine is the high performing and efficient Skypower 110. Matched andtuned to our internally developed chassis and specifically designed rotor blades. This delivers competition grade flight performance with real world operational applications, characterised by stable performance in challenging environmental conditions, exceptionally stable flight and immediate flight response for image capture and LiDAR operations. Customer payload versatility and multiple payload sets can be carried in one flight with this platform’slarge vibration isolated payload supports.

With a MTOW of 55 lbs in either configuration the Sicura EG-1100, enables immediate deployment with licenced operators and is exceptionally transportable. Designed for our own use in mind the operator and technicians ‘in the field’ have been central to our design philosophy.