Northrop Grumman to Provide US Air Force with Countermeasure Flares

August 6, 2021 San Diego Photo(s): By Courtesy: USAF

Northrop Grumman Corporation will provide the US Air Force with its high-performance MJU-73/B and MJU-62A/B infrared countermeasure flares. The company's next-generation countermeasures will help protect large aircraft and helicopters from advanced surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles.

“These newly developed countermeasure flares simulate an aircraft’s heat signature to divert infrared missiles away from the vehicle and decrease the odds of being struck,” said Charlie Precourt, vice president, propulsion systems, Northrop Grumman. “Our team is delivering this capability for our customer through our innovative technology, and digital and agile processes that were used during different points of program lifecycles.”

The MJU-73/B and MJU-62A/B infrared countermeasure flares build upon a more than 50+ year history of protecting aircrews, and will serve as an integral component of the suite of protective measures used by the military to increase aircraft survivability. Continued testing and development has enabled Northrop Grumman to deliver advanced solutions that meet the challenges posed by peer and near-peer adversaries.

Under the not-to-exceed $61.8 million IDIQ award, which has a period of performance through 2026, the company will develop cutting-edge, first-fire application technology that applies a first-fire coating to support flare ignition while increasing safety during the manufacturing process.