UAS Global Services adds class defining multi-purpose dual rotor heavy lift platform to fleet

August 17, 2021 Texas, USA Photo(s): By UAS Global Services
Anzen EG-1250 unmanned aircraft

UAS Global Services, a Texas based company, is pleased to announce the addition of the Anzen EG-1250 unmanned aircraft to its fleet.

The Anzen EG-1250 provides a Group 3, heavy lift, multidrop, long endurance, and flexible platform to greatly expand both the services and operational support offerings from UAS Global Services.

Basic Specifications include;

  • MTOW 250 lbs
  • Endurance up to 6 hours
  • Payload capability 75 lbs
  • Cruise Speed 65 kts
  • A range of twinrotor discs up to 8ft diameter
  • All weather day and night capability

The “EG” in Anzen EG-1250 stands for an electric and gas dual engine configuration. The primary engine is the SkypowerSP-180 SRE. This is the first helicopter integration for this powerful, fuel-efficient rotary engine. The secondary engine is a NeuMotors 12030/5.5. This 30KW electric motor can power the aircraft or act as a power boost in combination with the Skypowerrotary SP-180 SRE. Along with the extra power and safety backup that comes from dual engines the Anzen EG-1250 is autorotation capable and offers an optional safety parachute system.

UAS-GS was commissioned to develop this ground-breaking dual rotor platform by Ireland based UAV Evolution Ltd. With over 5 years in development, this highly versatile design allows for many powerplant, payload, and operational options. This platform flexibility enables the Anzen EG-1250 to support a diversity of sector clients including Maritime, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Utility, Cargo Delivery, ISR to name but a few.

The development and launch of the class leading performance Anzen EG-1250 once again demonstrates UAS Global Services ability to deliver and exceed its client and customer expectations. It also shows by application how its R&D, prototyping, testing, integration and extensive operational experience can be applied in developing a high performance platform that can be configured as required for broad global and sector applications.