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Indian Navy inclined towards three more improved Talwar-class frigates
By SP's Special Correspondent

Photo Credit: Indian Navy
March 07, 2015: The Indian Navy, which has been offered three or four more 'highly improved' Talwar-class frigates by Russia, has indicated that it may be inclined to take up the offer. Oleg Shumakov, acting General Director and chief executive of the Yantar Shipyard has told Russian journalists that the Indian Navy has expressed interest in taking forward discussions on the offer. No specifics have emerged so far on precisely what the upgraded elements on the offered vessels will be, though they are likely to be in the integrated combat management system, air defence weapons and secondary sensors. The Indian Navy operates six Talwar-class frigates, delivered between 2003-2013. Like the second batch of the class delivered to the Indian Navy, the offered vessels will also sport the BrahMos missile system. Negotiations are also currently on for a contract to upgrade the first three Talwar-class frigates with a new combat management and data system as well as new generation weapon systems. The Indian Navy currently in the process of building Project 17A stealth frigates of its own, has a specified need for more frontline combatants to support its blue water aspirations.



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