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Army Beefs Up Mini-UAV Requirement
By SP's Special Correspondent

Photo Credit: US Army

October 12, 2015: The Army has a long-standing procurement process on to acquire new mini UAVs, and has just decided it wants a separate additional requirement met by an Indian platform. The IAF has therefore published an RFI dovetailing its requirement to include Indian vendors. The requirement includes 3 Aerial Vehicle (AV) or platforms, one Man Portable Ground Control Station (MPGCS), one Launch and Recovery Systems (where required), one Remote Video Terminal (RVT), 3 complete sets of sensor package (All weather day & Night capability), 2-way Airborne Data Relay (to control UAV beyond line of sight), spare AV batteries (three sets per AV) and two spare batteries each for MPGCS and RVT, a portable COTS generator for charging and operating all UAV components without the need for any external power requirements of minimum 1 KVA, suitable battery chargers to enable charging the batteries from AC Mains and vehicle battery. The mini UAV and subsystems must fulfil relevant EMI / EMC requirements as per MIL STD 461 E, as stipulated by the Indian Army. The system must be operable by a maximum of two persons, and should be deployable from transportable condition within 30 minutes. Additionally, the Army wants that all components of the mini UAV system must be interchangeable.



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