Heathrow Airport security USB on Queen found on street

Issue No. 21 | November 1-15, 2017

AUSB stick containing confidential details about Heathrow security— including the route the Queen takes when flying — has been found in a London street. Britain’s biggest airport has launched an investigation into the leak amid fears data on the device could have been shared on the dark web, reports The Sun.

The shocking leak was revealed by the Sunday Mirror, which reports that the memory stick contained maps, videos and documents at a time when the UK terror threat is at severe.

Files are said to have revealed the route the queen takes when using the airport, as well as the extra security put in place to keep her safe, timetables of guards’ patrols and the ID needed to access restricted areas. The routes used by cabinet ministers and details of radar systems used to monitor runways and security fences were also reportedly on the 2.5GB device — with some documents marked ‘confidential’ or ‘restricted’.

It also contained maps showing the location of CCTV cameras around the airport as well as tunnels and shafts used for the Heathrow Express. The Sunday Mirror has said that the USB drive was not password protected and documents not encrypted.

It was reportedly found on by a member of the public amongst leaves in Ilbert Street, West London, with cops working with airport chiefs to discover how the device came to be there. The man got curious and so a few days later opened it on a library computer to have a look at its contents while he was using the machine to search for work. There are concerns the data could already have been shared on the dark web, used by criminals and terrorists to purchase information.