Nexter group will be present at DIMDEX 2018

Doha March 10, 2018

Nexter, a company of KNDS, will exhibit its know-how on the KNDS booth and BARZAN pavilion during the 2018 DIMDEX exhibition taking place in Doha from the 12th to the 14th of March 2018. Part of its range of products will be shown including armored combat vehicles 8x8, artillery systems, ammunitions and robotics.

Following the signature of a letter of intent on the 7th of December 2017 between Nexter and the Qatari Ministry of Defense (through Barzan Holdings, a company 100% owned by the Qatari Ministry of Defense) for a partnership and the procurement of 490 VBCI for the Qatari forces (Al Rayyan program), Barzan will display on its booth two models of VBCI, one equipped with a 30mm canon and another one with a Nexter T40CT turret. These materials have just completed a series of trials that have once again highlighted the qualities and performances of the VBCI.

Nexter and Barzan intend to establish a Joint Venture in Qatar. This JV will be the local industrial base to deliver and maintain complete vehicles for the Al Rayyan program, as well as to consider other future cooperation which could lead to the development of the unmanned T40CT turret, of which a model will be presented at the exhibition. The parties will also identify other areas of collaboration which are currently being studied.

Furthermore, Nexter will also expose other successful solutions able to answer Qatari and international forces' needs. Among those, Nexter will show its NARWHAL® (20mm Naval RCWS), its range of ammunitions from 20mm to 155mm, the CAESAR® 8x8 truck-mounted artillery system and a dynamic demonstration of the NERVA®, surveillance and recce robot.

Barzan has affirmed that "Nexter is one of its strategic partners".
Stephane Mayer, CEO of Nexter and Co-CEO of KNDS, is "delighted to come back to Qatar for DIMDEX exhibition 2018. This exhibition is the opportunity to highlight the successful and dynamic partnership between the Qatari company of Barzan and Nexter, symbolized by the VBCI".