Seraphim Optronics to highlight FIREFLY: a family of unique unified multi-sensor surveillance systems for perimeter security, defense and HLS applications

The FIREFLY's multi-tasking capabilities enable quick deployment under variable field conditions. Small and lightweight, the solution uses a unified radar, thermal and day cameras to provide a tactical solution for forces on the move.

September 4, 2019 Photo(s): By Seraphim Optronics

Seraphim Optronics- a long-standing provider of sophisticated electro-optic solutions for persistent surveillance - will highlight its FIREFLY surveillance systems at DSEI 2019.

Small and lightweight, the FIREFLYline of products uses radar, thermal camera, day camera and external sensors to offer different modes of detection within a single system. It also enables use of multiple communication networks - LAN, Wi-Fi, Cellular and UHF - and delivers a high-resolution, high-quality image.

Movements that are picked up by the radar or external sensors, such as seismic sensors, are transmitted in real time to the command and control center. They can alsobe recorded locally on the system itself for future extraction.

Designed for unattended use, FIREFLY can be controlled remotely for observation and target acquisition. The system's fast deployment capabilities under various field conditions enable multi-task missions. Easy to install and operate, it follows the ONVIF protocol for easy communication with any system. Highly efficient, it requires no infrastructure, and consumes minimum energy when on sleep mode or when being used autonomously using external batteries.

"The FIREFLY system is based on Seraphim's extensive proven capabilities in the field of electro optics," Tsuli Hershkoren, CEO of Seraphim. "The system can be used at different ranges, according to the needs of the customer. This unique solution unifies radar and sensors into just one system, which is easy and simple to operate, enablinglong-range tracking in larger areas, for the purpose of human detection."

Also at DSEI, Seraphim will present the BEE Family, a compact and sophisticated day and night, dual-sensor observation system especially designed for HLS and security applications. BEE provides users with excellent short or medium-range detection and observationcapabilities, using state-of-the-art thermal and CMOS technology. The system is ruggedized and designed for operationin even the harshest environments, and in all weather conditions.